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SAnDReS Installation  

Start thinking outside the box for docking simulations. Use SAnDReS, it is reliable, fast, easy, free, and funny.

Guess who is using SAnDReS...

Download Installers

We provide here the SAnDReS installers for Linux Ubuntu and Windows. These installers were developed by Mr. Amauri Duarte da Silva. If you use these installers, you don't need to have the Python previously installed on your computer. 

     -Linux Ubuntu (64 bits)      
     -Windows (64 bits)   

Installing SAnDReS (Easy Way) (Windows 64 bits)  

The easiest way to install SAnDReS (Windows 64 bits) on your computer is via the stand-alone installer, which you can download from hereTo install SAnDReS, unzip the zip file and click on the Sandres-1.1.0-amd64.msi file. Then choose the folder where you want to install it and follow the instructions. 

Once finished the installation, you will have a desktop icon () for SAnDReS, just click on it and start your SAnDReS session.

Installing SAnDReS (Easy Way) (Ubuntu 64 bits) 

To install SAnDReS (Ubuntu 64 bits) on your computer use the stand-alone installer, which you can download from   hereTo install SAnDReS, unzip the tar.gz file and then you can run SAnDReS.  

Installing SAnDReS (Hard Way) (Windows )  

Alternatively, you may follow the instructions below.

You need to have Python 3 installed on your computer to run SAnDReS. You also need NumPyMatplotlibscikit-learn, and SciPy. You can make the installation process easier by installing pyzo. While installing them, let's the music play... 

Step 1. Install the Pyzo IDE (download here)

Step 2. Install Python environment (download here)  

Step 3. Install Scientific packages needed to run SAnDReS. Open Pyzo IEP. To run Pyzo IEP, go to c:\Program Files (x86)\pyzo directory and you will have the pyzo IEP. Double click on pyzo.

In the Pyzo’s shell (IEP), type the following commands:     

     conda install numpy

After finishing NumPy installation, type:

    conda install scipy pyqt matplotlib

    conda install scikit-learn

Step 4. Download SAnDReS 1.1.0 (download  here)  

Step 5. Unzip the zipped file ( 

Step 6. Copy sandres directory to c:\ .

Step 7. Open a command prompt window and type:

    cd c:\sandres



This launches GUI window for SAnDReS. That´s it, good sandres session.

See tutorial page for additional information about how to run SAnDReS. You can also start SAnDReS clicking on the sandres.bat file.